Luke Weil
Founder and Non-Executive Chairman

Luke Weil is the Founder and Non-Executive Chairman of Andina Acquisition Corporation II, a blank check company focused on investments in the Andean region of South America.

Weil engages in a wide range of entrepreneurial, investment and philanthropic activities in addition to his work at Andina.

He is the founder of LIMPIA, the Long Island Marine Purification Initiative, a 501c3 focused on the issue of water quality in and around Long Island, New York. Luke is also a partner in LW Air and serves on the boards of Runa LLC, Interactive Commerce Corp., and tech startup SkuRun. Weil is an active member of the board of the Fortune Society. He is also Chairman and co-Founder of Rios Nete and co-Founder of PlantMed, which supports a range of charitable activities in the Amazon rainforest.